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More About Bachelor of Education & Diploma In Education (B.Ed & D.Ed)

About Bachelor of Education & Diploma In Education (B.Ed & D.Ed)

The College of Education is offering Graduation(B.Ed.), Diploma (D.Ed. / T.T.C.) programs are in Prabhath Group of Educational Institutions. The College is affiliated to Rayalaseema University, Kurnool. This college is housed in spacious independent buildings with airy classrooms, library, digital lab, full fledged computer labs and science labs and is well supported by qualified and experienced staff. The main aim of establishing Prabhath College of Education is to train the teachers who in turn train the students and fulfil the seven important educational needs of the children like; integrated value system, leadership within the community, empowerment, ability to make the right choice, maximize intelligence potential, balance between creativity and skills, and self-imposed discipline. 'Industry-Institution Interaction' is a very significant and prominent aspect of the student's tenure at Prabhath.

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Mandatory Disclosure Format as per 8 (14) of NCTE Norms:

S.No. Details of the Institution
1.1 Name of Institution: Prabhath College of Education
1.2 Year of Establishment: 2008
1.3 Complete Postal Address: Prabhath College of Education, PRABHATH GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Nandyal to Srisailam Road, Between A.Kodur and Parnapally, Nandyal, Kurnool Dt, A.P, 518523
1.4 Phone: 08514-272283, 9505058606, 9849291010
1.5 Fax: 08514-272283
1.6 Email:
1.7 Web Site Address:
1.8 Nearest Railway Station: Nandyal
1.9 Nearest Town: Nandyal
1.10 Type of Institution: Co-Education
1.11 Status of Institution: Non-Minority

2. Management
2.1 Government Owned NA
2.2 Government Aided NA
2.3 Self - Financed NA
2.4 University Department NA
3. Details of the course Applied for:
3.1 Level of the Course UG
3.2 Name of the Teacher Education Course B. Ed.
3.3 Duration of the Course: Two Years
3.4 Whether to be conducted in face to face or distance mode Face to Face
3.5 Present Intake 100 (Hundred) two basic unit
3.6 Academic Session form which the course we be conducted 2008
3.7 Details of the Affiliating Body Name Rayalaseema University, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
3.8 Address/ Tel / Fax No : Rayalaseema University Nandyala Road, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh 518002, Registrar Office : 08518 280683 Fax Number: 08518272600 Website :
4. Land: 2.5 Acres
4.1 Land area in Sq mt : 9093
4.2 Whether the Title of the Land is on Ownership basis : Yes
4.3 Title of the Land is on Lease as per Law: No
4.4 Duration of the Lease: NA
4.5 Land use Certificate obtained for Educational Institution: Yes
5. Building: 2.5 Acres
5.1 Construction of the Building is Complete: Yes
5.2 Building is yet to be constructed: No
5.3 Building is fire safety proof: Yes
5.4 Building is disabled friendly: Yes
5.5 Common Room for Boys / Girls available: Yes
5.6 Date of completion of the Building: 03.03.2018
5.7 Covered Area Sq mt: 3080
5.8 Number of Class Room: 6
5.9 Other Facilities: Seminar Hall, Multipurpose Hall, E-Learning Classroom, ET Lab, HOD Chamber, Staff Cabin, Hostel for Girls, Generator, RO Drinking Water, Internet with Wifi
6. Library:
6.1 The Library has separate reference section / Journal Section and Reading room: Yes
6.2 Number of Books in the library: 4101
6.3 Total Number of educational Journals / periodicals being subscribed 2
6.4 Number of encyclopedias available in the library: 2
6.5 Number of books available in the reference section in the library: 150
6.6 Seating capacity of the reading room the library: 50
7. Instructional Facilities:
7.1 Details of laboratories available (pl. attach annexure): Educational Technology Lab
7.2 Arrangement made for practice teaching: Yes
7.3 Number and name of School (S) for practice teaching: Number: 4
1. Z.P.H. School, Bandiatmakur.
2. Z.P.H. School, Santhajutur.
3. Z.P.H. School, B. Kodur.
4. Prabhath E/M School, Pranapally.
8. Manpower(Photographs of Teaching Faculty should be displayed)
8.1 Details of Teaching Staff (Date of Birth, Qualification, Professional Qualification and other relevant information) 1. G.N. Thimma Reddy
2. P. Purandhara Reddy
3. D.Venkata Lingamaiah
4. P.Venkata Subba Reddy
5. Dudekula Hussaini
6. A. Jayalakshmi
7. M.Krishna Mohan Reddy
8. K. Maheswara Gupta
9. B. Suraj Singh
10. D. Masumbi
11. E. Singaranna
12. S. Siva Sankara Reddy
13. S. Raghunatha Reddy
14. B. Madhu Sudhana Rao
15. M. Suresh Babu
16. B. Rama Subbaiah
17. Chinna John Steephenson
18. R. Pavana Kumari
19. S. Raghavendra Prasad
8.2 Details of non-teaching staff: 1. S. Naga Srinivasulu (Clerk)
2. S. Jabulla (Peon)
(* Daily Wages (Contract Base) )
9. Facilities for Games and Sports:
9.1 Own play Ground Yes
9.2 Play Ground of another institution on sharing basis No
9.3 Gymnasium Multipurpose Hall: No
9.4 Facilities of Gymnasium: No
9.5 Facilities for Athletics: No
9.6 Facilities for Indoor Games: Yes
9.7 Facilities for Outdoor Games Yes
10. Other Facilities Available:
10.1 Canteen Facilities Available or Not: Yes
10.2 Medical Facilities Available or Not: Yes
10.3 Hostel Facilities Available or Not: No

Staff Particulars:

Name of the Staff Educational Qualification Subject Teaching Designation Total Experience Photo
G.N. Thimma Reddy Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed. Scoial Principal 1 Years photo
P.Purandhara Reddy M.A., M.Ed. Scoial Lecturer 13 Years photo
D.Venkata Lingamaiah M.Sc., M.Ed. Biology Lecturer 5 Years photo
P.Venkata Subba Reddy M.Sc., M.Ed. Mathematics Lecturer 3 Years photo
Dudekula Hussaini M.Sc., M.Ed. Physics Lecturer 6 Years photo
A. Jayalakshmi M.A., M.Ed. English Lecturer 2 Years photo
M.Krishna Mohan Reddy M.A., M.Ed. Telugu Lecturer 10 Years photo
K. Maheswara Gupta M.A., M.Ed. General Lecturer 15 Years photo
B. Suraj Singh M.A., M.Ed. General Lecturer 4 Years photo
D. Masumbi M.Sc., M.Ed. Mathematics Lecturer 8 Years photo
E. Singaranna M.A., M.Ed. Social Lecturer 8 Years photo
S. Siva Sankara Reddy M.Sc., M.Ed. Biology Lecturer 5 Years photo
S. Raghunatha Reddy M.Sc., M.Ed. General Lecturer 6 Years photo
B. Madhu Sudhana Rao M.A., M.Ed. English Lecturer 6 Years photo
M. Suresh Babu M.A., M.Ed. Telugu Lecturer 6 Years photo
B. Rama Subbaiah M.Sc., M.Ed. Psychology Lecturer 8 Years photo
Chinna John Steephenson M.A., M.P.Ed. Physical Education Lecturer 8 Years photo
R. Pavana Kumari M.A., Theatre Arts, Dancing Lecturer 8 Years photo
S. Raghavendra Prasad M.A., Fine Arts Music Lecturer 5 Years photo
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